5 Customer Reward Ideas To Boost Repeat Business

A strong network of loyal customers is a valuable asset for any business. Returning customers spend up to 67% more than new customers, and it’s 5x more expensive to attract new customers compared to retaining existing ones. Customers who regularly enjoy visiting your venue are also likely to tell their friends, family, and social media followers about their experience, which provides free marketing for your business.

One way to increase repeat business is through customer reward schemes. These strengthen the relationship between you and your customers and incentivise them to choose you over a competitor.

Running your scheme digitally means that diners don’t have to worry about remembering to bring their card with them, or losing their rewards if they misplace it. Take a look at these ideas to increase your revenue through digital loyalty schemes.

Digital Stamp Cards

Digital stamp cards enable a customer to earn a stamp every time they make a purchase. Once they achieve a set number of stamps they can claim a specific reward, such as a free drink or side, or money off their next purchase.

Food2go enables you to launch a digital stamp card that is tailored to suit your business. Most people will already be familiar with the concept of a stamp card, and its simplicity makes it easy for customers to understand and use.

Loyalty Points

A loyalty points scheme is where customers collect points with every order, and can then redeem these against future purchases. This enables loyal customers to take advantage of a heavily discounted or even free meal.

The amount of points awarded depends on the price of the order, with a larger order earning more points than a smaller one. This gives customers an incentive to add extra drinks or sides to their order or opt for a more expensive dish.

A points scheme allows you to run promotions, for example, double points on certain days of the week or on certain products for a limited time. You could also offer extra points for eating in, which increases the chance of diners increasing their overall spend by adding drinks or desserts.

Food2go allows you to operate a digital points scheme based on either total basket spend or at product level. Your scheme can be fully personalised so that it appeals to your target audience while benefitting your business.

Rewards For Large Orders

Offering rewards for large orders can be a powerful way to increase how much your customers spend. You could offer a % discount once a certain spend is reached, or offer other incentives such as a free side or drink with orders over a certain amount.

Implementing an online ordering solution for both eat-in and delivery means that customers can keep track of how much they’ve spent, and therefore know how close they are to receiving a reward.


Geofencing uses the location setting on your customer’s mobile devices to track when they are on your premises and awards them with raffle entries into a prize draw every time they visit.

Sharing the details of the winner on your social media pages will boost awareness of the scheme and encourage both previous and new customers to visit your venue. Food2go makes it easy to set up a geofencing scheme and enables you to tailor the prize so that it appeals to your target audience.

Refer A Friend

‘Refer a friend’ schemes can be either done by offering discounts for both the customer and their friend separately, or by creating offers that encourage loyal customers to visit again with their friends, family, or partner.

Offering 2 meals for a set amount, or introducing a ‘buy one get one free’ offer is a simple way to boost sales on quieter evenings. The chance to enjoy their favourite dish for a fraction of the price may persuade people to head out on a night they’d usually stay at home.

You can target these offers at previous customers by only making them available to those on your email list. This will make them feel that their custom is valued, and give them the feeling of being part of an exclusive club. Our CMS and admin tool enables you to create digital voucher campaigns that encourage repeat visits.

Want To Attract More Repeat Business?

If you want to run one or more of the above schemes, food2go can make it happen. Whether you have a single site or operate a chain, we can ensure that your business stands out from the competition. Find out more and book a demo here.