What’s next for digital ordering solutions?

What's next for digital ordering solutions?

Are you a restaurant, takeaway, or convenience store owner wondering what the future holds for your industry? Table service apps became hugely popular during the pandemic, and their growth continued even after restrictions were relaxed.

Opportunities you can unlock with a digital ordering solution

In today’s quick-service world, it is vital to keep transactions moving at a fast pace whilst delivering quality customer service to keep your customers happy. With the right digital ordering solution, your business will run more smoothly, and you’ll also be helping your staff whilst increasing customer loyalty. There are many opportunities you unlock with […]

How To Attract More Customers By Embracing Technology

Embracing technology provides exciting opportunities to grow your business and stand out from your competitors. Take a look at the ways that technology is changing customer behaviour and how you can use it to boost sales and increase loyalty.

Five Ways You Can Use Technology to Increase Customer Loyalty

Covid-19 has presented a range of challenges for bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. Lack of staff, supply chain issues, changing restrictions, and rising costs have all combined to make this one of the most difficult periods the industry has ever faced.

How to make your table ordering app a success

A table ordering app can take many forms, but the premise remains the same across pubs, restaurants, hotels, and bars. It’s an app that allows customers to reserve tables, place orders, and pay while remaining in their seats.