About Food2Go

A software development consultancy based in Newcastle upon Tyne, established in 2017

Food2Go specialise in building secure, high performance, reliable and robust ordering solutions for the food & licensed sectors using the latest tools and technologies. Our areas of expertise include bespoke software development, web and mobile app development, business intelligence, software consultancy services and e-commerce solutions. Food2Go have a wide range of technical skills and industry experience.

Paul Telford (Arkitec)

Paul has been architecting technical solutions using .NET and SQL Server for over 18 years. During his career he has successfully managed projects with multi-million pound budgets. He has a wealth of commercial experience in call centre, multi-client fulfilment, warehousing, distribution, omnichannel ecommerce. Since 2006 he has helped lead the design and architecture of the etrader stores multi-tenanted, multi-theme ecommerce solution powering the Food2Go fast food and restaurant platform.

He has also been heavily involved in several Business Intelligence projects putting to practice his expertise with the SQL Server stack including data warehousing and visualisation.

Paul's technical skills include SQL Server stack, Reporting Services, Power BI, Data modelling and visualisation, ETL, Analysis Services, UX & Interface design and Business Process.

Keith Organ (Arkitec)

Keith has designed, developed and trained around Microsoft technologies for over 18 years. He specialises in interoperability and architecting .NET enterprise solutions. He has worked as a consultant with Microsoft on several projects including ongoing work with the European Union. Keith has delivered highly technical workshops on a wide range of topics to Microsoft’s customers, prospective customers and internal staff. He has advocated interoperability in several traditionally non-Microsoft environments, such as the EU, enabling Microsoft to gain opportunities where barriers to entry have previously existed.

In a previous project Keith was heavily involved with architecting one of the first multi-client e-commerce services which won top honours at the annual CommerceNet global conference held in Spain. Since 2005 he has been the lead architect on the etrader stores multi-tenanted, multi-theme ecommerce solution which powers the Food2Go fast food and restaurant platform.

Keith is also co-author of a book with the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team on interoperability. He was responsible for the majority of the books content, designing the .NET/J2EE sample applications and also developing the J2EE application for deployment to IBM WebSphere.

Keith's skills include C#, Java, Design Patterns, Interoperability, Azure, Web Services, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, SOA, Agile methodologies, VB.Net, SQL Server stack, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery.

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