How To Reduce Staff Turnover with a Digital Ordering Solution

It’s no secret that adopting a digital solution will benefit your customers by improving their experience and giving them more control over what they order.

A digital ordering solution helps your business run more efficiently, but did you know that it also helps your staff? Your staff are the face of your business, and how your customers perceive them will significantly impact how they will remember your venue.

Happy staff provide a more friendly and attentive service, leading to delighted customers who want to return. If your team are enjoying their jobs, they are less likely to leave, meaning that you avoid dealing with the challenges of being understaffed (including increased pressure on existing employees and a poor customer experience).

Discover how a digital solution can lead to happier staff, an improved customer experience, and reduced turnover…

How can a digital ordering solution benefit my staff?

Less room for human error

A digital ordering solution eliminates the risk of your wait staff mishearing an order. This reduces complaints and food waste and gives customers the confidence to know that their order will be correct.

Forgetting to note food allergies can have severe consequences, and the thought of making a mistake can be very stressful. A digital solution means that your staff no longer have the responsibility of checking for dietary requirements and allergies because the customer will be able to enter this themselves when they place their order – reducing stress for your customers and staff.

Reduced multitasking

Without a digital ordering solution, your team must juggle showing customers to their table, taking orders, delivering food and drinks, giving customers the bill, and providing superior customer service. Carrying out so many tasks at once increases the risk of errors, impacting the level of service your customers experience.

An app that enables customers to order and pay for food and drink reduces the pressure on your employees. Customers can control their experience, and your team will no longer have to juggle so many different tasks at once.

Allows staff to focus on customer experience

A digital ordering solution allows your staff to focus on quickly delivering food and drink to tables and helping customers where needed. They can spend more time talking patrons through the specials, chatting when bringing over orders, and telling customers more about your business. These things will build a memorable experience and increase customer loyalty.

Moreover, once you’ve implemented a digital solution, customers don’t need to wait for someone to come and take their order or give them the bill. Reducing table turnaround time and allowing you to seat more customers and increase revenue.

Almost half of hospitality businesses believe that consumers want an enhanced experience when they choose to go out for food and drinks, and 95% feel that customer expectations of hospitality venues have changed since the pandemic. A digital solution enables you to provide customers with the superior experience they expect without increasing the pressure on your team.

Less transmission

Covid-19 has highlighted how many touchpoints there are in the ordering process. A digital ordering solution means that your staff no longer have to handle menus, customer cards, or cash. This reduces the risk of them getting ill or spreading germs to colleagues and customers.

Reduces admin

Following the pandemic, many venues are short-staffed and are finding it difficult to recruit. A digital solution can take care of administrative tasks such as handling and processing takeaway orders. This eliminates the need to have a member of staff answering the phone and allows orders to be dealt with much faster.

By letting technology take care of your admin, your staff can focus on carrying out tasks such as delivering excellent service and a memorable experience.

Ready to make your staff happy with a digital ordering solution?

We can implement our digital ordering solution in a wide range of venues, including takeaways, restaurants, pubs and bars, hotels, food halls, and convenience stores. We offer a bespoke deployment for any business sector, so if you have any specific requirements, please get in touch to find out how food2go can help your business.