Opportunities you can unlock with a digital ordering solution

In today’s quick-service world, it is vital to keep transactions moving at a fast pace whilst delivering quality customer service to keep your customers happy.

With the right digital ordering solution, your business will run more smoothly, and you’ll also be helping your staff whilst increasing customer loyalty.

There are many opportunities you unlock with a digital ordering solution, but let’s first recap on why you should implement one…

Why you should have a digital ordering solution

Our research shows that venues which have a digital ordering solution are now preferred because:

  • Customers can order food and drinks at their table without leaving their seats. 
  • Customers can pay using their card, PayPal or Apple Pay/Android Pay. 
  • You can build your menu and customisation options, allowing you to keep your business unique, recognisable, and up to date with trends.
  • With GDPR permission, you can collect your customer’s details (such as their email addresses and phone numbers) for your marketing purposes.
  • You can encourage customers to order more frequently and try new menu items, using features such as rewards programs and push notifications.
  • You can build customer loyalty, in fact, 75% of customers participate in loyalty programmes at table-service restaurants. Making it a valuable marketing tool to implement.

Now you know why you need a digital ordering solution, but let’s explore the different situations you unlock when you implement one and how this can benefit your customers and increase business.

Which situations will I unlock with a digital ordering solution?

Office Lunch

As businesses have returned to the office, companies are once again taking employees out for lunch as a sign of appreciation.
When it comes to choosing a venue to dine out for an office lunch, people will be more inclined to choose a place to eat that has a table service app as ordering in this way is much more efficient for a large group.
What’s more, it is better for customers to all be sat down at the table instead of one group member having to go to the bar to order.

After work drinks

Picture the scene, the buzz of finishing work is here, and everyone is sitting around the table having numerous conversations that they do not want to be interrupted. Using a table service app means it is easy for one person to order a drink when they need it without leaving the conversation or the group of work colleagues, which makes it easy for customers to order their own drinks.
Additionally, in the past, ‘getting a round’ would have been a source of contention (as some people might not have been drinking alcohol, so their drinks wouldn’t be as expensive as others). Having a table service app where everyone can order from their personal devices avoids any unnecessary, uncomfortable conversations about splitting the bill.

Attract parties who have dietary requirements

20% of the UK population experiences a reaction to different foods. With food allergies being an important consideration, adopting a digital ordering solution can allow your customers to filter their food choices. You give customers the power to identify any foods they know clearly may cause them issues, allowing both parties to feel at ease knowing no mistakes have been made.

This will also save time for your business, as the customer doesn’t have to list their intolerances off to your waitstaff.

Your patrons can watch sports without losing their seat

When it’s the biggest football game of the season and a customer has just finished their pint, the last thing they want is to miss a second of the match by waiting at the bar. Therefore, an online ordering solution is perfect as it takes a few clicks from the customer, and they have ordered their drink and paid!

This also means the bar area doesn’t become overcrowded, making your staff feel more comfortable.

This can also lead to more sales, as in the past, a person wouldn’t go to the bar in the 92nd minute (for fear of missing a goal in extra time). But now, they can without missing any of the action.

Ready to unlock these benefits?

It is now shown that customers choose convenience when dining out; they want to make the experience fast and straightforward in all situations. We can help you implement our digital solution in various venues to cater to every customer’s needs.

If you want to maximise the benefits of using an ordering app to boost sales, book a free demo of our solution via our website and see how food2go can help your business.