Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2022 (and what this means for hospitality!)

Customers today expect more convenience, choice, and flexibility than ever before. Technology makes it possible to offer an improved service easily and efficiently, reducing the pressure on your team and providing new ways for you to make your business stand out from the competition.

How Has Technology Changed Since 2020?

Technology has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic. Despite restrictions lifting, people are still spending more time online than ever before. The speed, flexibility, and convenience that technology provides have made people reluctant to go back to their pre-pandemic ways of carrying out tasks and activities.

Technology has proved to be especially popular within the hospitality industry. Food ordering apps have seen rapid growth with 6.7 billion pounds of revenue in the UK alone, and this is expected to grow to £320 billion worldwide by 2029.

The restaurant industry has identified that customers want to continue to use technology when ordering food and eating out, even though Covid restrictions are no longer in place. Take a look at some of the latest technology trends and why these will become a must-have for bars, restaurants, and takeaways.

Biggest Hospitality Trends In 2022

Trend 1 – Online Apps For Table Service

Social distancing requirements forced restaurants to get creative when considering how they could keep their venue at capacity while minimising contact between customers and staff. Using mobile devices to order food and drink has proved to be hugely popular, with 57.5% of consumers finding mobile apps the most convenient way of ordering.

Booking a table online is now the new normal. It makes it easier to see when a restaurant has availability, as the customer can view all of the days and times available and choose the one which best suits them. This is also good for the restaurant as it cuts down the time that staff have to spend on the phone booking, amending and cancelling appointments.

Customers who book online will get an email to confirm their booking and a reminder closer to the time, which reduces the risk of them not turning up. Online ordering and table booking allows you to focus on managing the seating, making sure you have enough staff, and providing your diners with a memorable experience.

Trend 2 – QR Codes

QR codes became a familiar sight in restaurants during the pandemic, as they eliminated the need to handle menus or go up to the bar. QR codes are a faster way for your customers to view the menu, place their order, and pay their bill. All they have to do is open the camera on their phone and point it at the QR code, which reduces the pressure on your staff and provides a smoother dining experience.

A QR code eliminates the need for customers to download an app, which makes the process quick and simple. You can also add your menu to your website so guests can browse it before their visit, which further speeds up the ordering process and helps to reassure those with dietary requirements or preferences.

Trend 3 – Digital Menus

Can you remember seeing a digital menu before 2020? Digital menus are just one of the ways that technology can reduce pressure on your staff and make their job more enjoyable. They no longer have to worry about writing down orders as fast as possible, checking for food allergies and intolerances, and making sure they don’t make any mistakes when taking orders.

When customers order via a digital ordering solution, their order will go straight to the kitchen. This reduces costs as fewer staff members are needed, and less food is wasted due to human error. A digital menu can clearly show which items are out of stock and whether the dish contains any allergens or anything else that customers may wish to avoid. This gives people additional peace of mind when placing their orders.

Digital menus provide an exciting opportunity for you to get creative and set yourself apart from the competition. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out these different types of food menus that offer both a memorable experience and a convenient ordering process.

4. Offer exclusive discounts

When customers create an account to order food through your app, you can offer them the option of subscribing to your email newsletter to receive exclusive promotions and discounts. Regular communication with your customers will build a relationship with them and increase loyalty.

A loyalty scheme is an effective way to attract more customers and get repeat business. Customers can accumulate points whenever they place an order and use these to get discounted or free food items or drinks. Using food2go lets you design tailored loyalty schemes that appeal to your specific customer demographics.

Ready To Embrace 2022’s Top Trends?

Technology is an essential part of today’s world and is expected to become even more widespread over the coming months and years. It gives customers the choice, convenience, and flexibility they desire when dining out and reduces the risk of errors.

Do you want to keep up with the trends and maximise the benefits of using technology? Why not book a free demo using our website and see how it can help you to increase your profits and grow your business.