How to make your table ordering app a success

A table ordering app can take many forms, but the premise remains the same across pubs, restaurants, hotels, and bars. It’s an app that allows customers to reserve tables, place orders, and pay while remaining in their seats.

While some companies have been utilising a table ordering app long before Covid, almost all venues were forced to adopt a digital solution because of the pandemic. Many of which have integrated this solution for the long haul.

There are many benefits of having a table ordering app,  but to experience these benefits, you need to ensure you have the following things to make it a success…

Ensure you have capable Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is no longer an exciting innovation but a basic expectation, especially if you offer a table ordering app.

To maximise your sales using Wi-Fi, ensure you have your router name and password clearly displayed throughout your venue. By displaying it on sandwich boards, posters and on the table, patrons will be able to connect quickly and easily after entering your venue.

Now your customers can get connected, make sure your Wi-Fi can handle high levels of traffic from your guests. The last thing you want to happen is for the app to crash or be slow during peak times, as this will result in guests getting frustrated, dampening their experience and risks them leaving without making a purchase.

Pre-table ordering, patrons who were sat in beer gardens or away from the bar were reluctant to get up and order more because of long lines and in case they risked losing their table. However, with table ordering, these risks have been removed entirely. Guests can now order whenever they please without moving from their seats. What’s more, having Wi-Fi available drives business and helps to generate more revenue because your customers are more inclined to place more orders because of how easy it now is.

Display QR codes throughout your venue

As you know, venues widely adopted table ordering solutions to abide by Covid social distancing rules; however, it has stayed because it puts the customer in control. Having QR codes throughout your venue simplifies the customer journey as guests can browse the menu, select the food and beverage they want, and pay the bill – all from their phones. That’s convenience at its best!

According to a recent Deloitte survey, almost 60% of restaurant customers prefer to order digitally on-premises at a quick-service restaurant, so it’s essential to have this option available to them. Like with your Wi-Fi password, your QR codes need to be displayed clearly throughout your venue. You could display them on beer mats, engrave them on tables or even print them on your glasses. Feel free to get creative with how you present them, as it will contribute to the overall guest experience.

Set up a loyalty scheme

For any hospitality business, balancing customer satisfaction with customer loyalty is key to growth. Fortunately, loyalty programmes help strengthen your relationships with customers, especially in a world where customer acquisition is more expensive than retaining existing customers.

In 2022, you need to have a sophisticated loyalty programme as 73% of consumers are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programmes. By not having a loyalty scheme in place, you’re doing yourself a disservice and reducing the chance of your customers giving a word of mouth recommendation.

Loyalty schemes can also help to encourage spending instantly. With a table ordering app that seamlessly integrates with your point-of-sale system, you can offer promotions that link with your loyalty scheme that helps upsell to your customer—encouraging spending whilst building your relationship with the customer.

Keep your menu updated.

Dynamic menus are the secret to any successful hospitality business, from small restaurants to five-star hotels; if you want your guests to keep coming back, you should frequently revise your menu.

Updated menus and limited-edition products keep patrons engaged as it keeps your business fresh and attractive and will give them something to look forward to. Daily or weekly specials are a great strategy to increase your venues popularity and your customers’ anticipation.

Furthermore, having specific sections within the menu of your app will make the experience even more convenient for your guests. Allowing your customers to view gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or breakfast and brunch menus will improve their overall experience.

Besides keeping your menu fresh, you also need to ensure it is correct. To make sure your table ordering app is a success, ensure you update your app when items or dishes go out of stock to minimise the risk of frustration.

Finally, with a table ordering app – you must give guests the ability to see specific information about each dish and allow them the opportunity to customise dishes and notify you of any dietary requirements or allergies. With this option, they will feel like they’re in safe hands which will help them enjoy the entire dining experience.

Are you happy with your current table ordering solution?

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