Five reasons why you need an online ordering system

In the past two years, digital transformation has accelerated because of the pandemic, and businesses have had to adapt to meet the consumer’s changing demands. For hospitality, this has been no different. Since the introduction of online ordering solutions, patrons now expect takeaways, restaurants, bars, or convenience stores to have a branded website/app.

This new technology allows the hospitality industry to offer click and collect, delivery and table ordering on a branded website/app, which is easy to install and offers direct customer to venue communication, improving the customer experience. 

But it isn’t just the customer benefitting from the presence of an online ordering solution; foodservice operators can take orders and payments, adapt menus, and run personalised loyalty programmes.

Why should you implement an online ordering solution?

In this day and age, if you disregard convenience, you risk delaying your company’s prosperity. Customers now expect to order meals from a table in a restaurant, click and collect from a convenience order and get their favourite takeaway delivered at any time.

If you are unsure whether an online ordering solution will benefit your business here are five benefits you can look forward to once you’ve implemented an online ordering solution…

1. Increased customer satisfaction

Fancy menus and themed experiences are appealing but the best way to retain customers is to deliver an excellent guest experience. In the case of the traditional system, the biggest complaints from customers are that they cannot get the waiting staff’s attention. Additionally, when waiting staff are unable to dedicate time to each individual customer, this results in a poor customer experience. This can easily be rectified with an online ordering solution, as patrons can place their orders when they’re ready – eradicating the days of trying to get a waiter’s attention to place a drinks order.

New data acquired by Zonal states that 77% of surveyed patrons are satisfied with online ordering, with 79% claiming they are delighted with how online ordering offers fast and easy payments, making the overall experience more efficient. The flexibility that online ordering offers brings satisfaction and ease to customers’ experience, and no longer will they be frustrated waiting in long lines at the bar.

2. Online ordering puts you at the forefront.

Implementing an online ordering solution shows that your business is willing to adapt to suit the needs of your customers.

Not only will you be meeting customers’ expectations, but you can also impress them with your impeccable service as implementing digital solutions minimises the chances of human error. By giving customers the power to place their order and customise their dish, you remove the risk of your waiting staff mishearing patrons, meaning less waste and happier customers.

With food2go, your online ordering solution can be completely branded to you, improving your credibility and increasing your brand awareness. Both of which increase your customers’ likelihood of visiting time and time again.

3. It puts your guests in control.

Online ordering gives your customers the ability to create the dining experience they desire. With a digital solution, customers can now place their exact order when they want, make special requests, and even notify you of food allergies. This will give them the peace of mind that their order will be correct. Additionally, your staff will have the time to focus on preparing customers’ orders and delivering supreme customer service.

4. It maximises table turnover.

In non-digitised restaurants, a lot of time is wasted ordering, receiving food, and paying. This wasted time adds up and could have been used to seat and serve another party. It’s these non-digitised venues which tend to have long wait times, which leads to loss of business.

One effortless way to reduce wait times, help increase table turnover and improve the guest experience is by implementing a system that allows your customers to place orders and pay when they please. This allows orders to be quickly and seamlessly transferred from the point of sale to the kitchen – meaning your customers will have their favourite dishes in no time.

The speed and efficiency of this solution reduces the time guests spend on the premises, freeing up tables and increasing your profitability. 

5. Allows you to create better loyalty programmes

The competition to see who can attract the most guests is getting fiercer. To come out on top, you must offer incentives for patrons to be loyal to their venue.

From a marketing perspective, it’s five times more expensive to target new customers, therefore you should invest into retaining your current ones. One highly effective way of retaining your customers is by modifying your loyalty scheme. 

Gone are the days of your customer’s purses and wallets needing to be stuffed full of loyalty cards. A digital ordering solution allows you to run your loyalty programme on a website/app, so no more stickers, stamps and bits of card are needed. Now, customers can see the loyalty scheme, how many points they have and how far away they are from their next reward, all in one place.

Additionally, with food2go, you can go the extra mile with your promotional tactics by sending push notifications to your customers, offering them free gifts or rewards on their birthday – encouraging orders and building a relationship with your customer. 

Our Solution

More than ever, technology is becoming an expectation, not a luxury, and if you hesitate to implement an online ordering solution, you risk your business being left behind.

At food2go, we develop a complete ordering solution for takeaways, bars, pubs, restaurants, and all licenced venues at an affordable fixed monthly price with no commission. 

Our platform allows you to have a fully branded, efficient and attractive ordering solution. What’s more, we have a 24/7 customer support team on hand, should you ever need any help. 

If you’re ready to experience these benefits, book a demo to get started.